All Trades Enterprise

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve, empower and promote personal growth of the lives of individuals through education, knowledge and opportunities.

Who We Are

Our team is made up of expert independent living facility consultants.

Taina Chatelain is the founder and owner of All Trades Enterprise LLC. Taina worked as a registered nurse and in hospitals and long term care facilities in the form of nursing homes in Boston, MA where she lived and became aware of the homeless/limited housing, expensive housing options and poor conditions faced by those living in the inner city and all over Massachusetts. Working in the hospital, Taina encountered and built relationships with people from all walks of life dealing with housing crises. From students, to veterans, to immigrants and individuals facing relationship/marital issues, each individual had a unique story and expressed stress with their housing environment or lack thereof and the uncertainty after being discharged where they would go. In search of a solution and motivated, Taina launched her first independent living facility. Today Legacy Comfort Homes, in partnership with All Trades Enterprise consultants, goal is to operate many facilities all across Massachusetts. Taina’s background and experience with individuals from all walks of life has aided in building an extensive network to provide housing, knowledge and opportunities as a mentor and consultant for other business owners, social service agencies, housing agencies and community organizations to rebuild society for the better and do the same.