About the Founder

All Trades Enterprise: Your Partner in Progress

Taina Chatelain is the founder of All Trades Enterprise LLC. Taina is a Boston City, Massachusetts native and has worked as a registered nurse in hospitals and long term care facilities in Boston, MA and surrounding cities. Living and working in the inner city caused Taina to be aware of issues surrounding homelessness. Working in a hospital, she very often came across patients who dealt with lack of housing, expensive housing options, poor credit and lack of job opportunities. From the elderly, to students, to veterans, to immigrants/refugees and individuals facing relationship/marital issues, each individual had a unique story and expressed distress with their housing environment, employment issues or lack thereof and the uncertainty surrounding being discharged with nowhere to go and no way to support themselves financially. While employed, Taina was able to build valuable relationships with social workers and case managers to aid in this crisis but soon noticed she was limited with resources available. After researching group homes and public housing and realizing many of these places/programs had years long waitlists, were poorly run, in unsafe communities and were very unsanitary. Motivated for change, Taina sought to look for a solution. After years of research, Taina decided to take a Independent Living Mastery course to specialize in housing the homeless and launched All Trades Enterprise LLC, a consulting enterprise that not only offers housing solutions in the form of independent living facilities but also offers a program called the Housing Referral Agency (HRA) for companies aiding individuals who may also be facing homelessness. All Trade’s independent living facilities were simply created to provide affordable, clean, comfortable and safe environments for homeless individuals to give them a peace of mind they can focus on thriving in other areas of life. To assist with the lack of job opportunities, Taina created a business solutions sector to help small businesses with development, efficiency and growth in employees which in turn creates job placements and opportunities in the community.