What sets us apart from others?

Our strategic location: The site will be conveniently positioned in Boston and surrounding cities that support transportation via MBTA and nearby shopping centers.

The size of the facility:
Our modest scale enables us to foster close connections with the residents in order to promote mental, emotional and financial growth at an exponential rate.

 Our focus is on ages single individuals ages 24 years and above as we have seen this demographic needs much support in Mass.

Collaborative partnerships:
We plan to collaborate with multiple centers, shelters and rehabilitation centers to address their specific requirements.

Positive approach:
We reject the notion of labeling homeless as “bad.” Instead, we believe in establishing positive connections with young and adult individuals, enabling us to effectively find the issues that caused homeless, address negative behaviors or lack of independent life skills and provide solutions to contribute to growth and success. Our staff members are not mere babysitters but mentors, dedicated to guiding individuals on their personal journeys toward becoming productive, healthy and stable adults. We also recognize that many of our residents may be the elderly and have reached end of life. With that in mind, our main goal is to provide a safe, affordable, stable and healthy environment for all.

Beyond just a secure environment:
Our goal is not only to provide a safe setting but also to actively involve adults in meaningful activities such as feeding the homeless and other community building if they so choose to participate. This approach aims to help them acquire crucial skills and boost their self-esteem along the way but also encourages community building no matter the stage in life they may be.

What is the significance of choosing All Trades Enterprises for your business and housing solutions? 
Given the prevailing economic challenges, numerous people don’t have stable housing or stable employment. Due to the lack of housing and finances to support housing, there is a growing demand for a secure environment like our independent living facilities (ILF) for individuals who face situations that require immediate resolution such as losing a job, disability, men and women who are facing divorce, drug use, mental health issues and students who cannot commute to school but also don’t have the opportunity to stay on campus. Furthermore, amidst the escalating global conflicts, the United States is witnessing a substantial influx of migrants seeking refuge and support to rebuild their lives. Our ILFs will be providing housing and job opportunities.
Why is an independent living facility is necessary? 
Independent Living Facilities are crucial for individuals who desire autonomy while benefiting from a supportive environment. These facilities offer a range of services, from housekeeping to social activities, enhancing the overall quality of life for residents who may not require extensive medical assistance but seek a community that caters to their needs and promotes independence.

What does an Independent Living Facility contribute to community well-being by offering a secure and inclusive environment for social interaction.

-The adults will benefit from positive guidance and developmental opportunities within the facility.

-The transitional house will serve as a partially supervised, substance-free setting for socializing and acquiring valuable skills.

-Engaging adults in job opportunities, healthy activities and prevention programs will be a focal point.

-Fostering a sense of ownership and belonging will underscore the importance of adults as valued community members.

-The initiative will generate community service prospects, allowing adults to give back their community and contribute positively forming lasting connections and experiences.

-Providing a platform for adults to express their opinions, ideas, and concerns will empower them and ensure their voices are heard.

-The transitional house aims to decrease homelessness, promote job opportunity in the community.

How do we plan to help people who live in the area by accept the facility

-Our strategy involves educating and reassuring the local community to garner their acceptance of the facilities.

-We aim to dispel any misconceptions surrounding homelessness and transitional houses through comprehensive communication.

-The security of the ILF will be guaranteed through HIPAA and private security firms, ensuring a safe environment.