Care and Services


At Legacy Comfort Homes, we aim at providing continuous, top-notch care that helps our residents improve their quality of life. With all our attention on individual prosperity, we become acquainted with you on a personal level.

We are focused on giving you support tailored to your individual preferences and requirements.

Assisted Living

Legacy Comfort Homes allows seniors to remain independent in a professionally managed and carefully designed community setting. Enjoy vibrant social activities, elderly care, and personalized 24-hour support services. Indulge in an atmosphere of proactive and positive aging.

Directed Care

Giving Independence with Support

Legacy Comfort Homes provides directed care for senior citizens who value their independence but need support in daily tasks like bathing, dressing, transportation, and medication reminders.

Our directed care residents receive training exercises that intend to improve the mind, body, and soul while also having round-the-clock assistance.

Senior citizens make hundreds of choices every day. Having the freedom to maintain control over personal decisions remains an important aspect, especially as we age. Legacy Comfort Homes encourages person directed care in our community. We urge our residents to direct their care planning, as opposed to having their care plans developed for them without their input. We honor independence through continuous dialogue between residents and caregivers, where senior citizens exercise autonomy over choices affecting their lives.

Supervisory Care

We take full notice of our resident’s capabilities and provide them with care according to their needs. Intervene in a crisis and assist with self-administration of medications.

We can help facilitate hospice care administrations with other expert nurses and guarantee customized treatment and care for those requiring end-of-life care.

Our Services